Callus shavers are available in markets. You can shave off the hard dry skin easily at home. But if you soak your feet in warm water for at least ten minutes, the soft skin can be easily removed with the help of a callus shaver or by rubbing pumice stone. You may add some baking soda or soap or 5-10 drops of tea tree oil to water before soaking your feet. By exerting slight pressure on the callus, you can remove the dead skin gently with the help of a exfoliating scrub or a foot file. Foot callus removal can be as simple as peeling cooked potatoes.

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Many factors can cause dry skin on your feet. These include dehydration, smoking, weather changes, decreased blood flow, poor hygiene and aging. Using harsh soap also can dry out your tootsies. Infections such as athlete’s foot can cause rough, dry feet, too. Thick, hard layers of skin known as corns and calluses usually develop where your shoe often rubs your foot. Prevention/Solution Jun 29, 2010 By Willow Sidhe Photo Caption Figs might help get rid of corns on the feet by dissolving hardened skin. Photo Credit , fresh, ripe,fig, image by Accent from Fotolia.com

On the one hand you want to make choices that protect you and your loved ones from danger and harm, on the other hand your choices are limited by government regulations that are often strongly influenced, if not dictated, by large corporate interests, short-sightedness, complicity from the medical (and in this case, dermatology) community, or a simple lack of funds for more meaningful research and testing. But keep in mind that Omega 3 fatty acids thin the blood and if you are already taking aspirin etc. you should avoid taking Omega 3 or speak to your doctor first if it’s advisable and for your own correct dosage as well.

Be sure to stretch often and warm up before your run! We hope that a little more information about these common athlete foot problems will help keep your feet – and you – healthy and happy! Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes to soften your skin and make removal of calluses and dead skin easier. Avoid soaking your feet in hot water, as doing so can increase dryness by removing your skin’s natural oils, according to the University of Iowa. Step 2 Tie a clean cloth dipped in rectified turpentine around corns. Repeat the treatment several times along the day to get relief from corns.

Common locations for hard corns on your toes include your first toe joint, or proximal interphalangeal joint, and the ends of your toes. Soft corns may develop between any of your toes and are caused by shoes that pinch your forefoot. Soft corns are seen more often in people who wear shoes with tapering toe boxes. Tapering toe boxes force the normal roundness of your forefoot into an unnatural triangular shape. Use a foot file or pumice stone to remove patches of hard skin from your feet. Foot files should be replaced regularly. Pumice stones should be allowed to dry thoroughly between each use. Report Foot Pain